Most writers never get their book published.
Don't be like most writers.

Which approach sounds more appealing?

The Normal Way

  • Start writing the book from scratch
  • Get stuck partway with writer's block
  • Stare at a white screen or blinking cursor
  • Write and rewrite stuff forever
  • Never finish the book
  • Start on a new idea altogether
  • Try and find someone to publish it

The Book in a Day Way

  • Choose your best idea
  • Understand who you're writing for
  • Understand the value of a book proposal
  • Learn how to create a book outline
  • Skip all the pain and wasted time
  • Find the right publisher
  • Call yourself an author

The Value of a Book Outline

Authors who rush straight into writing and skip the book outline end up burning so much time that they often have to come back to this step.

A book outline is your ticket to the show. It's your pass. It's the roadmap to get your book out of you.

And most of all, a book outline is your anchor. Amidst everything else, it helps you know where and how to focus and helps others help you. It can save you years of time.

book in a day digital

I meet people all the time who want to write but don’t know where to start. Some end up writing the wrong book. But the bigger tragedy is that many never write at all. I can help.

The Book In A Day - Digital Experience

Imagine having everything you need to save three years of your life. The lessons you're getting are the ones that I learned as I wrote and published 13 books. The first one took 3 years. You won't believe how long the last one took! (You'll hear the story in one of our lessons.)

  • 12 Video lessons covering everything you need
  • 12 Weekly assignments to keep you on track
  • 150 Page workbook
  • 4 Live Group Coaching Calls

I know you've felt alone.
I know you've said, "I'm not a writer."

Let's be honest - every single author I've ever worked with has felt the same feelings you're feeling. Every. Single. One.

One of the biggest benefits of joining the digital experience is that you'll connect with others and immediately recognize that you're not alone. You'll also hear their inner monologues and the negative self-talk we've all been tempted with.

The good news is that the story doesn't end there. Join our community of writers and get the book that's already inside of you out into the world.


Try Things Out 100% Risk-Free!

Your success matters to me so much that I'm offering you this guarantee. If you take the course, watch the videos, do the homework, and at the end of everything you still aren't satisfied, just shoot me an email ( requesting a full refund and I'll process it right away.

Hear What Others Have Said

“For nearly a year, I’d been wrestling with my book. In free time I’d write in circles, talk with friends, and get nowhere fast. A single day with Ally flipped the switch. Her safe and wise presence allowed me to open up and truly be the vessel. We made connections I didn’t make on my own, and teased things all the way out. The framework is logical, her guidance was perfect, and this day opened everything up for me! I’m deeply grateful and would recommend her to anyone!”
— Jess Kleinschmidt

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I invited Allison to speak at my conference. Just about every person who attended her session came away ready to write a book. But that wasn't the best part of it. The amazing dynamic of having people interact with Allison for just a few hours was that everyone came away feeling better about themselves. More encouraged. Nothing beats that. I can't recommend her strongly enough to you.
- Chris Lema