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Are you struggling to write the book that’s been in your head forever? ​

Find clarity and get your words on paper with Prepare to Publish

How Does Prepare To Publish Help?

Get It Down

Finally get the words on paper and establish a clear and comprehensive outline

Have Fun

Write without the frustrating struggle and learn to enjoy the process again

Get Feedback

Connect with other writers just like you who can give helpful feedback on your work

Most aspiring authors struggle for years to write a book that isn’t as good as they hoped it would be—or worse, they never write it at all. I can help you get unstuck.

Dear Friend,
When I wrote my first book, I did it all wrong.
First off, it took me three years to write that book. I’m not talking three years of careful research and editing to get things just perfect. I’m talking three years of starting and stopping, throwing away bad drafts (BAD drafts), starting from scratch, staring at blinking cursors and doubting myself every single step of the way.
If time is money, then I wasted a whole lot of it...as do many authors just starting out.
Some of this just part of the process. Writing is hard. That’s the truth.
But I’m here to tell you that most of it was an immaturity in my approach.
1. I was too good for an outline. I saw myself as “above” writing an outline and that was a huge, massive, time-wasting mistake. I wanted to “feel my way into” the story, and figure it out as I went, which is fine if you like spending years on something that could take you months. Now when I look back at the misery I caused myself I realize I should have started with a clear outline. Huge mistake.
2. I was scared to show it to anyone. I was terrified of criticism, so instead of doing the one thing that makes writing better (sharing it and getting feedback) I kept it to myself. I wouldn’t share it until it was perfect. The problem is: writing doesn’t get even close to perfect until we share.

3. I was too proud to get practical help. I kept thinking that something mysterious would happen, like I’d bump into an agent or an acquisitions editor at the grocery store who would miraculously decide that I was some hidden gem of a writer. So instead of taking practical steps that could actually move me forward, I brooded—waiting for my miracle to show up. (Pssst. That miracle never came).

You know how I said the first book took me three years to write? Get this. My most recent book took me 10 days.

Yes, you read that right. 10 days.

It’s not just me. I’ve helped hundreds of authors save years of time and also thousands of dollars (in editing, in writing coaches, by getting a bigger paycheck for their book) simply by staring with an outline.

Not just any outline, but an outline that answers all of the questions that get you stuck in the writing process: where do I start? What do I include? What do I leave out?

This is why I created Prepare to Publish. I saw the incredible value this provided for authors—the years of time it could save them and the thousands of dollars it all but deposited into their bank accounts. I also saw that most programs like mine charge 3x or 4x what I charge (I saw one recently for $5600).

I charge $1,749. (and yes, there's a payment plan 🙂) I know you don’t have $5k to invest when you’re just getting started.

I also don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did.

There's something really cool about seeing 80% of the authors that go through Prepare to Publish actually FINISH the course? 80%!

So before you “write yourself off” (pun intended) consider that this idea nagging at you isn’t going away. There will never be a better time to write this book than now. And if you’re looking for a program that can clarify your idea, save years of your life and thousands of dollars (and even make you fall in love with writing again), there’s no better one than this.


Most writing courses over-promise and under-deliver. Prepare to Publish is the opposite. Helping you clarify and develop your key idea, this course helps writers make twice the progress in half the time so they can learn to enjoy the process of writing again. While similar courses charge more than $5k, Prepare to Publish offers 3 months of value-packed training and fun, all for only $1749. ​


  • 3

    months of guided coaching

  • 12

    simple assignments

  • 1

    outline you can be proud of

Watch the videos, complete weekly homework assignments and connect to a community of authors just like you. Tune in for four LIVE Q&A calls with your coach and watch your idea transform into a book outline.

"This course removed the overwhelm of the book writing process by giving me concrete, tangible action steps with ongoing support."

- Miranda H. - 

"This course has taught me how to organize what were once chaotic thoughts into a form that actually resembles the beginning of a book...not merely a journal. Thank you so much!"

- Paige W. - 

"I went from writing in circles to writing into a clearly laid path for my novel. It took a few months to organize what I had been trying to accomplish for 2 years."

- Katina K. - 

What Does Prepare to Publish Look Like?

I wouldn't ever expect you to purchase a product that you couldn't understand ahead of time. Below is a preview of the dedicated framework I've developed to help authors of all skill and experience levels.


Four Questions Every Author Must Ask (and Answer) Before Writing a Book

Before you can start writing, you have to know where you’re going. Ally will take you through the most essential questions a writer must answer before putting pen to paper:

Week 1: What kind of book will you write?

Week 2: Who will your reader be?

Week 3: How will you keep a reader engaged?

Week 4: How will you transform your reader?


Creating the Outline: Where to Start, Where to Finish, What to Include, What to Leave Out

You know where you’re going — now how to get there? Get serious about the structure of your story, from big-picture outlining to nitty-gritty details.

Week 5: Shaping the Story

Week 6: Shaping the Chapters

Week 7: Mapping it Out

Week 8: Putting it into Paragraphs


Finishing the Proposal Document: The Key to Publishing Anything Beautiful

Writing your book is half the battle. But what about getting others to understand your idea, and the art you’ve created? That’s where a perfect proposal document comes in. 

Week 9: Framing Your Manuscript

Week 10: Getting Your Book into the Right Hands

Week 11: Establishing Your Credibility

Week 12: Putting it all Together


Try Things Out 100% Risk-Free!

Your success matters to me so much that I'm offering you this guarantee. If you take the course, watch the videos, do the homework, and at the end of everything you still aren't satisfied, just shoot me an email (hello@allisonfallon.com) requesting a full refund and I'll process it right away.

Enrollment is closed. (you can join the waitlist though)

  • 120 Page Workbook - $1250 Value

  • 3 Rounds of Facilitated Feedback - $250 Value

  • 4 Live Q&A Calls - $1600 Value

  • Exclusive workshop with author Laura McKowen- $250 Value

  • Resource Kit Delivered to Your Door - $250 Value

  • Find Your Voice Membership - $500 Value

  • Live exclusive Q&A with literary agent - $500 Value

Over $4600+ in value for... $1749

Even if you think, “I’m not a writer” I can help. No more stalling or putting off the book you know you were born to write. Join the waitlist for the next round of Prepare to Publish today!

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Ally + Miranda

You can observe how Prepare to Publish helped Miranda on her journey + get answers to some of the big questions that come up about the course! Click below and listen in!

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