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Join my new 90 day writing program today!


3 Practical Tips for Those Who Dread Going to Work

A few days ago I wrote a post
that was meant to bring hope and encouragement to those who dread their
day jobs. I realized, by the time I finished writing, that there was
more I wanted to add, not just encouragement, but really practical

I know what it’s like
to work a job you don’t love. I know what it’s like to feel like you
can’t quit. And I don’t believe it is always right or responsible to
leave your current circumstance, even if it makes you miserable.

Here are three things I think you can do, however, to make the most out of a miserable job.


A Letter of Hope for Those Who Dread Their Jobs

I know. You hate your job. You
try to pretend like you don’t but you do. You get in the car every
morning, with your coffee in hand, and take a deep breath. Right there,
in the quiet of your front seat, you have the same conversation with
yourself day after day. It goes like this: 

“You can do this. Just one day. You can make it through.”


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