Packing Light: Thoughts On Living Life With Less Baggage


Several years ago, I began to realize several things were holding me back from what I believed was really important in life. When I boiled them down to their most basic form, I was shocked to find I was giving up the things I really wanted to hold onto things I didn’t care about that much — things like money, comfort, and keeping other people happy.

I didn’t feel like I had chosen the life I was living, and I felt trapped, confused and bored.

Inspired by the courage of a friend, and the story of The Rich Young Ruler from the Gospels, I decided to quit my full-time job, move out of my apartment, sell nearly everything I owned and spend the next six months driving across the country.

On the trip I started to discover what it looked like to live life with less baggage, both in actuality, and as a metaphor.

What is your Packing Light story?


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Praise For Packing Light

Ally Vesterfelt is a gifted writer with a pleasant voice that is a joy to spend time with. Joining her on a cross-country journey makes for a delightful and thought-provoking respite. With refreshing honesty, Ally teaches us how to better navigate life and relationships as she navigates the roads of all fifty states.
Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage and The Sacred Search

Packing Light is the latest in a long line of rich and lovely travel memoirs that make the world bigger, that make us long for the open road, and that ask us to consider the important and universal themes of faith, fear, comfort, friendship, love, and what to pack. For any young traveler, literal and otherwise, Ally has given us a gem.
Shauna Niequist, author of Cold Tangerines, Bittersweet, and Bread & Wine

Allison Vesterfelt is one of the best emerging writers to come along in years. Her words slip into the next ones in a way that makes reading a delight. And then there’s the story she tells. From page one, you feel drawn-in, as if you were having coffee together, sharing personal confessions with a friend. This book will occupy a permanent space in your library.
Ben Arment, creator of STORY and Dream Year

This is a good one, an important book for those who are restless. We all have questions, and some brave souls turn to the call of the open road for answers. Thanks, Ally, for sharing your journey with us. I couldn’t stop reading.
Jeff Goins, author of Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life

Packing Light makes you want to get out large scissors and cut the strings holding you back. Packing your bags with boldness, wisdom and fresh perspectives, this book bravely takes you on a journey of themes so relevant to women of this day and age; at times you feel like you are truly in her shoes-with her lessons you learn your own, with her broken expectations you break yours, with her found freedom you yourself feel refreshed.
Sarah Dubbeldam, editor-in-chief of Darling Magazine

I’ve known Ally since we were kids. She’s everything you want in a writer: smart, funny, honest, flawed, strong, passionate, and after Jesus’ kingdom vision. To a generation that’s dying for adventure, but scared to death of failure, Packing Light comes as a much needed kick out the front door. You might read this book on your couch, but you won’t stay there.
John Mark Comer, pastor for teaching and vision at Solid Rock: a Jesus church in Portland, Oregon

Ally did what so many of us have dreamed of doing at some point. Her journey was adventurous and life changing. I vicariously joined in the journey as read along. Packing Light is heartfelt, insightful and you should read it now!
Alli Worthington, entrepreneur, business coach and consultant, speaker and fan of all things digital

Packing Light Quotes

This is what happens when we let go of things: we step out of our own reality and into God’s. [tweet that]

As scared as I was of chaos and the unknown, I was equally scared of the mundane and predictable. [tweet that]

The more stuff you bring with you, the more complicated everything gets. [tweet that]

I wonder if what we need, more than anything, is for someone to tell us we’re going to “make it.” [tweet that]

We can’t measure the value of our decisions based on outcomes. Most of life is not an outcome. [tweet that]

When you are living in your passion, people around you who were once sleeping will be woke up. [tweet that]

So often we make God our enemy when it’s really our own shame dragging us down. [tweet that]

As long as you’re a spectator in your life, you’re not a worshipper of God. [tweet that]